For Brides & Grooms

À La Carte

Every bride and groom are a unique couple and we appreciate that you don’t want your wedding to be a cookie-cutter wedding. We have put together a few packages that we find are most helpful to couples, however we are happy to customize a package for you.


Aujourd’hui means “today” in French. We know you’ve worked tirelessly to put together your wedding, and we want to allow you to enjoy the day you’ve imagined for years. Spend your time enamored with one another instead of worrying about paying vendors or getting your wedding guests staged for your exit. Celebrate with family and friends and let us carry out all your details with flawless expertise.


  • Unlimited consultations and meetings
  • Manage set up and break down of ceremony and celebration
  • Creation and implementation of detailed timeline for ceremony and celebration
  • Coordinate with vendors and deliver vendor payments



Everyone wants their event to stand out! However, creating that perfect look can be a challenge. Our design team can consult with you to create a beautifully unique and coordinated tone for whatever you have imagined for your wedding day. We will design, create, and execute the décor for your ceremony and celebration so everything you see complements the couple.


  • All Aujourd’hui services
  • Design consultations
  • Use of all decor inventory
  • Creation of design elements
  • Execution of design elements

Starting at $2,500


Sometimes the hardest part of creating a beautiful event is choosing the right vendors. Allow us to remove the hassle by acting as your vendor liaison. All the stress of creating appointments and negotiating prices will never be something you’ll have to worry about. Enjoy your engagement instead of getting distracted by scheduling and pricing.


  • All Aujourd’hui services
  • Schedule appointments for vendors
  • Scout venue options and create a personalized proposal
  • Negotiate prices with vendors

Starting at $2,500


Keeping track of your guests can be overwhelming, especially close to your wedding day. If you have family coming from out-of-town, or a large guest count, we can make sure everyone is coordinated and has seamless experience. Don’t worry about hotel reservations or scheduling ground  transportation. We will arrange your guests’ transportation and accommodation needs so that they can enjoy and celebrate your wedding with you.


  • All Aujourd’hui services
  • Creation and management of guest list
  • Booking hotel blocks/rooms
  • Booking transportation for guests
  • Coordinate transportation from ceremony to celebration
  • Design, assemble, and deliver guest gift bags to make your guests feel welcome

Starring at $2,500


Your wedding should be one of the most beautiful memories in your life. However, planning such an event can be overwhelming. Allow yourself to let go of the stress and let us take care of your whole experience. We can take you from engagement to honeymoon. Any service you need for coordination, we can provide. Every part of your wedding can be a flawless experience, and no detail will be missed. After this magical experience, the only thing left to say will be “Santé!”


  • All Aujourd’hui services
  • All Décor services
  • All Liaison services
  • All Invitées services
  • Budget development and prioritization
  • Invitation and program design
  • Arrange hair and make-up appointments
  • Arrange dress fitting appointments
  • Design and create guest favors
  • Etiquette coaching

Starting at $5,000