We’ve done our annual Wine to Freshwater fundraiser at the Studios for the past two years. Kim could not be more professional, kind and accommodating! What a beautiful and well-equipped place to have an event! Location is great, service is fabulous, and the events have gone off without a hitch! Kim makes it look easy and this place is first class all the way!
Heidi Rickels, Co-Founder, Freshwater Project International

- Heidi

“We couldn’t have picked a better, more perfect place for our wedding reception. Kim is truly SUCH A PLEASURE to work with. Of all of our wedding vendors and contacts, she was the very best — timely, organized, kind, informed, helpful, flexible — the perfect person to be working with on such a special day!”

- Ryan

Kimberly and her assistants were incredible to work with. They were kind, patient, detail-oriented, and VERY supportive.

- Alexa